April 17th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Plan for the day

Ok! Another day of hard work (well, lots of painting at least). The plan is to work on my "Alice and the Cards" painting for most of today (hopefully even finish her in time to list her tonight on eBay!). I have a couple of other unfinished projects lying around as well I might get to depending on how productive I am, hehe. Matt will be at work until about 5:00 - he's training at his new location today. On Tuesday he will get his Disney Castmember ID (which lets him into the parks for free) and then we'll just have to get him the relatively inexpensive DisneyQuest/Waterparks passport and get me my Florida driver's license so I can get my Florida Premium annual pass. I can't wait!

In the meantime though, it's going to be a lot of me painting. I know I still have a ton of email to wade through, so bear with me =) I will probably get to a lot of it tonight and then get my vacation photos up too!

Oh my god - any of you vegetarians (or even non-vegetarians) out there should check your supermarkets for the "Ribwich" from Gardenburger! I bought some last night and damn, they were really really good! Taste just like ribs, I think. I haven't had any real ribs since I was in elementary school, lol. They didn't sell these back in Missouri - unless they are brand new. There are so many vegetarian things here in Florida - Matt tells me it is because of the relatively high concentration of Seventh Day Adventists. When Matt gets through with his training we're going to try to find a "Chamberlins" health food store (I keep hearing about them, I think they are the Florida equivalent of Whole Foods or Wild Oats).

Anyway - the webcam will continue to be pointed at what is slowly becoming my "painting corner" while I work today. Eventually I am going to get a USB extension cord so I can show close up, and also a new camera since this one is pretty craptacular. But first, I gotta paint some more so I can afford one, lol!
Marie Masquerade

Oh my!

Wow - I just listed my latest "Alice in Wonderland" painting on eBay - "Alice and the Cards" (an illustration from the end of Alice in Wonderland where the angry cards turn into a simple pack of cards and then she wakes up!). Already one of my regular bidders snatched it up with "Buy-It-Now"! I'm so happy - the winner was the same bidder who owns "Alice and the Caterpillar" - I'm glad they are both together in the same home!