March 18th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


Agenda for today:

1. Answer buckets of email! Contact eBay winners and pack up their winnings for shipping on Thursday.

2. Paint! I'm not too far from being finished with a woodland piece (a big one - 14"x18") and I've got a few others in the works. I'd like to get them up on eBay tonight. I'll alert everyone when the webcam gets pointed at my drawing board!

3. Pack up some things! I bought a "Caboodle" (you know, those things that look like girly tackleboxes for makeup) and I need to clear out our bathroom cabinet today and it is mostly filled with my cosmetics and perfumed oils.

4. Probably paint some more!

Now - off to answer the aforementioned buckets of email.
Marie Masquerade

Figuring out auctions...

I've been working out a plan on how I can continuously be running eBay auctions while I move! I had thought for awhile about leaving up some paypal-only auctions (so there would be no confusion about where folks will be sending money orders), but I thought about a lot of my regular customers who don't or can't use paypal and I don't want them to feel snubbed!

My plan is to have a bunch of my "mail payment to my Missouri address" auctions ending on March 31st (that would give everyone enough time to send a check if necessary before our move on the 7th). Then, on March 31st I would list the pieces I had been working on that previous week all as 10-day auctions. Those would end on April 10th, which would have given me enough time to get my computer hooked up, and my paintings unpacked, etc. Hopefully this will work! I will be sure to plaster my auctions with disclaimers that there could be 1-2 day delays due to the move though, hehe.
Marie Masquerade


Ok, so I got halfway through my emails. I've got a bunch left - I'll get to them tonight perhaps. Right now though - time for painting! Watch me on my webcam!!!
Marie Masquerade


I'm happy I got some good prices on my auctions ending tonight =) I really needed it! Thank you to all of my fans and supporters =)

Right now I'm trying to pick what to paint next - I've got a lot of sketches/ideas to choose from. I've been bombarded with requests for more Alice paintings, so I will certainly do some more Lewis Carroll-inspired work (I could spend the rest of my life doing that and never get bored!). I am also planning on doing some Fairy-Tale pieces, and some Egyptian themed work as well. And of course I will have to throw in some Faeries as well!

I found out the definite title on the art book I've worked on that is coming out this fall. It will be called "The Art of Faery". The foreword has been written by Brian Froud too - I'm so excited about that. He was definitely my first choice!

I was wondering which spelling was going to be used for "Faery". There are so many ways to spell it! I don't have a particular method myself to determine the spelling - I just pick whatever seems best at the time.

What is every one else's preferred spelling of "Faery"? Fairy, Faerie, Faery, etc...