February 1st, 2003

Marie Masquerade


OK! I'm going to work on my website all day now. EVEN THOUGH it is going to be 64 degrees outside and 67 degrees tomorrow. But, on Monday it's going to be 11 degrees and snowing. WTF? I hate this weather. So, I'm going to work inside on my computer today and listen to some summery-type music and I'm wearing a halter top, lol. I'll open the window too =)
Marie Masquerade


I have a very Strange feeling today. It feels like if I were to cast spells today that I would have a spellcasting bonus of some sort. Hard to describe. I feel like I have some sort of magic in my blood today - almost like I had a bunch of caffeine (which I can only assume is what magic flowing through one's veins would feel like, lol). Is today some arcane holiday of which I am not aware?

On another note, the space shuttle crashing today is so sad. I always take any sort of NASA disaster personally since I am such a big proponent of space exploration =(