January 25th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Plug & Painting

I'm going to plug my sister Amber's auctions right now -


She & her fiance Chris are selling some painted Warhammer figurines (would be perfect for Dungeons & Dragons too) that Chris has painted (he's an awesome model painter!). He even makes detailed little bases with grass and stuff!

Also - I'm going to be painting pretty much ALL DAY today, which means the webcam will show my blurry painting activities =)


I am working on a NEW series - the "Poison Faeries" - a series of 8"x10" acrylic paintings on unstretched canvas sheets - each fairy is shown with a poisonous plant or flower. I have the first one "Datura" (Jimsonweed/Moonflower - think Carlos Castaneda) finished. I'll scan her in later. Right now I think I will be working on "Opium Poppy"!