September 19th, 2002

Marie Masquerade

dreary day

it's all dreary out today. it's only in the 60s now, and rainy. we had fun playing D&D at Kachina's house last night. afterward we all watched her new "Monsters Inc." it was awesome. we stayed at her house talking and playing mad libs until 4:00 am. we slept this morning until after 11am. matt's sick - his allergies are giving him hell, so he is home with me today. i have the next two of my "Thoughtful Fairies" series done:

i will put them on eBay tonight. i'm going to be painting some more today - i really would like to do some darker, more gothic paintings (like my "alchemist's plague" piece) for a while. of course, i'll still do my fairies and such, but i'd like to expand my horizons a little more, and do some work more personal to me. i've been looking at some Hieronymus Bosch books, and i've found them inspiring. i've been developing an interest in medieval alchemy - i think it is fascinating - scholars had such strange notions in those times. i think it is cool how many early scientific discoveries were originally uncovered by the alchemists.

we're probably going to give Gristle (my Camaro) to James & Kachina. James likes tinkering with Camaros. we're also going to give them some of our furniture that we don't feel like moving with us. they gave us two of their nice computer chairs, which we're about to set up. i'm excited - it will be nice to have something more comfy to sit in.

well, i'd better get back to work...
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