August 22nd, 2002

Marie Masquerade


i finished my Tori Amos-inspired painting that i had started yesterday - i think it turned out rather well. it's mostly done with rust oxide acrylic paint, with a few details in vineyard green (which is the colour of dead grape leaves). i'll stick her up on eBay tonight - as a 10day auction so it will end after i get back from florida. here she is - i've entitled the piece "Spark" since it was playing for a time while i was painting. it doesn't look exactly like Tori - but enough to see that it was inspired by her.

i have a million ideas in my head for paintings today. i can't wait to get some of it down on paper. sometimes i wish i had somebody to handle the more mundane aspects of my artwork (listings on eBay, emails, web maintainance, shipping, scanning, etc.) so i could just sit and paint and not have to be bogged down by the business end of it all. but, i fear i am too much of a worry-wort and perfectionist to have somebody do it all for me. maybe someday after i'm rich and famous i'll have an assistant. we'll see.

The Simpsons are about to be on TV - i think i've already got both of them on tape though, so i won't be recording them tonight. i'll watch them though =)

i can't wait to go to florida - it's always anxious the few days before a trip. i'll try to pass the time quickly by painting like a madwoman. as if i could paint any other way...
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