Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

fuck bizhosting

ok, bizhosting has been down a total of like 12 days in the past three months. screw that shit. i am going to wean myself off of bizhosting and switch to homestead. they seem on the level and promise no downtime. i can't have my hosting go down for days, especially when i occasionally use that hosting for my auction images. i remember having auctions ending and none of my images were showing - i was in tears. for an auction selling a painting, that is a very bad thing. who would bid on a painting they can't see?

has anybody used homestead? they're actually cheaper than the bizhosting package i currenly use. they even have some nice WYSIWYG software (drag & drop even!) for their customers, which i downloaded the free trial for. that beats writing all the code to get around the stupid bizhosting templates. i'd be able to update at the drop of a hat and add prints whenever i like. the only real problem i forsee is that they don't let you use your own merchant account for the storefront. they use the paypal shopping basket system, which is cool, but it isn't as flexible. there are other business hosting storefront companies out there, but they are soooo damned expensive. like $300/month expensive. i don't see how it could possibly be worth it unless you were a huge company that shipped thousands of items a month.

i use Ampira services to host the index page for www.strangeling.com (the splash page that currently links to my bizhosting site) and for most of my image hosting. i don't really use it for any other actual webpages. i use a phenomenal amount of space for image hosting, so i just keep it separate for the most part. bleah. wow, i bet this all makes for fascinating reading.

hmmm, let me see - i made some broccoli cheese soup from scratch for dinner. it was really good. i wish i had the forethought to make some sourdough breadbowls to go with it.

it was like 73 degrees out today - wooohooo! after having one of the coldest octobers on record, we needed this break. i opened the window for awhile today, and matty wore shorts.

wow, bizhosting just popped up again. finally....jeez...but for how long...
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