Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Updating.... (Boring Post!)

Yep - today is one of those fun days when I update my website =P But since I'm updating more frequently now, it's less work at a time and not so much of a headache, lol. It's going pretty quickly this time. I'm going to add about a dozen new prints! I'm also (depending on how much time I have today) going to put all of my prints up in my eBay store, since I can't run my "Mix&Match" style auctions on eBay any more. That's going to be quite a task - well over a hundred items. Eek! It will be much easier for people to find prints and everything in my eBay store though. AND since I'll list them as fixed price store items with a high quantity (since they are open edition prints I'll probably set them at a quantity of 500 prints per image) and I will list them in the "Good-Til-Canceled" store format so I WON'T have to do this very often, lol.

I might also put some prints up as traditional auctions. I'm trying to think of a good way to do another "$10.00" sale, but since eBay tells me I can't do a "Mix&Match" format, I'll have to be creative. I might just pick some of my more popular ones and list them with a sale price. I was also thinking about maybe running a $20 or $25 sale for my BIG prints! I'd like to get more of them out there. I sell tons on my website, but not as many of them on eBay. I think it's because in cyberspace a 12"x16" print doesn't SOUND that much bigger than an 8"x10", and eBayers (often bargain-hunters, lol) just opt for the cheaper, smaller one. But once a customer has bought a BIG print of mine and seen it in person, they almost exclusively buy the larger sizes after that. They are just so big and vibrant and the details show up so much better. Also since most of my paintings are 12"x16", the big prints (which are at a 1:1 ratio) are so similar to the originals once they are framed it's nearly impossible to tell them apart! We'll see ;)

Ok - back to work =P
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