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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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website blahs [Nov. 7th, 2002|04:48 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
ok -

so, i've spent about 10 hours over the past couple of days writing code and editing assorted images to update my website. i'm adding about 20 new prints (wow). BUT today, my webhosting is flickering on and off. it will be up for one second, and then down for an hour. not only that, my cable connection (for TV and for my cable modem internet connection) has been going on and off as well. i've seen two Time Warner Cable maintenance trucks around, so i assume they are working on that. it's been working for the past hour now, finally. but, my pages are ready, but i can't upload them still! it's pissing me off.

i've also created a new pricelist for my custom painting commissions. i've had to. i'm booked through christmas with more commissions than i need. i would prefer to do half as many, for twice the cost. i've pretty much doubled my prices, which will turn many people away. hopefully, lol. i prefer doing originals that aren't bound by restrictions. if my business drops too sharply, i'll just adjust my prices until i reach a happy medium i guess. my new list is as follows:








not outrageous, not even high by a lot of artists' standards, but more realistic for me. i was charging only $100 for an 8"x10", and lately my regular original 8"x10" have been selling for more than that (and they are whatever i feel like painting!) so i think it's only fair. $1200 may sound like a lot, but considering it's almost 22 times the size of an 8"x10", it's actually a great deal. besides, they take a LONG time to paint and take up a LOT of space.

i've finished some commissions and i'm going to reward myself by painting some more original paintings (i only have four on eBay now, ugh). lol, i'm going to reward myself for painting with more painting. a customer of mine who buys a lot of my work emailed me some gorgeous photos of a beautiful green forest that she visited, and they've inspired me to paint some lush green settings. i've been looking at my work and i think i really need to spend more time on the backgrounds in my paintings. my old art professor would yell at me for using the word "background" (he insisted that no element of a painting was more or less important than the other parts, and took offense to the terms "foreground" or "background" which would indicate unequal importance). perhaps if my backgrounds were more interesting i would stop referring to them as such.

From: ariaelf
2002-11-07 08:51 pm (UTC)

My God

ONLY $100 for an 8X10??? "Not even high" by most artists standards??? I think you have definately found the silver lining in some magickal cloud, because I'd hit the roof if I could even charge 1/2 what you want to right now. You say your 8X10's of whatever you want sell for $100 or more usually, I'm really happy if I have one go for 20 bucks. I don't know how you're doing so amazingly well without being a nationally published & gallery artist, but keep it up.

But for all those of us out there who dream of your success, don't ever sound annoyed or ungreatful for what you have - please! Really, you're incredibly lucky and blessed.

Thats my 2 cents +)

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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-11-07 10:02 pm (UTC)

Re: My God

well - my little paintings don't usually sell for $100+ - but they are starting to more and more. it occurred to me that i'll spend maybe 14 hours on an 8"x10" custom portrait of someone, and i might even have to do several revisions. but meanwhile, if i'm just painting some random thing out of my head i might only spend two hours on it. even that piece sold for $20 bucks it's still more worthwhile financially and certainly more fun for me to paint.

the reason i might appear to complain about being barraged with custom paintings is that i feel like i'm having to spread myself too thin or something. i get people who want me to "immortalize their dead sister" or create "a perfect christmas gift" and i don't think that i should try to pop them out as fast as possible when it is something obviously very special or sacred to them. it feels bad to turn people down. i sent a fellow a letter two days ago explaining to him i wouldn't have enough time to do a portrait of his fiancee by december 15th (their wedding day). he then wrote me back about how he had been depending on it, and how his plans were ruined, etc. etc. it's really kind of depressing.

many people are willing to pay far more for a commission than they ever would for an original painting. i've been researching other artists that provide custom paintings and portraits online, and i've found that my prices are considerably less than other artists'. my aunt, for example, will charge hundreds of dollars for just a small pencil drawing commission. she doesn't even have a computer, and just networks through friends and associates.

lol, i wouldn't say that i'm doing amazingly well by any means. i'm doing better than i expected, but again i do work often 18 hours a day promoting my site, submitting stuff to search engines, begging folks to link my site, making prints, answering email, mailing stuff, and of course (last, but not least) painting. i'm probably barely pushing minimum wage if i looked at it hourly. i really think that if ANYBODY, certainly someone with as much ambition and talent as you have were to honestly put that much time into it they would do at least as well as i do. i lucky in that i was in a position to "quit my day job" and have the opportunity to spend that much time on my art career. if i wasn't with someone (matt) who has a relatively steady income to cover the rent in case i totally flopped, i probably wouldn't have been able to do shit with my artwork. i really live kind of a lonely life right now, really unless i'm at the post office mailing stuff i am no more than 15 feet away from my computer/art area, and i am constantly at work. i really don't think that it is an admirable lifestyle, it's way too introverting and self-absorbing and it's turned me into a completely asocial agoraphobic. i suppose it all matters where your priorities lie.

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From: ariaelf
2002-11-08 05:10 am (UTC)

Re: My God

As long as you're doing what you love... =) You shouldn't work yourself that hard all the time though. I tend to do that to myself, freak out that I don't think I've put enough on ebay or whatever, but you've got to leave time to enjoy the other things in life every once in a while. Otherwise, what are you working for - making money you don't have time to spend =P

*gives the asocial agoraphobic artist a hug* =)

Be gentle with yourself!

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From: ariaelf
2002-11-07 08:56 pm (UTC)
oh yah and... was that a typo about the 36"X48"? It's not 22 times bigger than an 8X10... it's four and a half times bigger to be exact. Multiply the rate of $200 by 4.5 and you actually get $900 not $1200... just a heads up, because I'm sure some of your customers will do the math. I'm guessing you just hit the wrong keys anyway, cause if it was 22 times bigger, you would be painting someones entire wall or to be exact... a whopping 14 by 18 feet! ;) ! hehe
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-11-07 09:24 pm (UTC)
um, elizabeth - a 36"x48" painting IS actually 21.6 times as large as an 8"x10" painting!!!!

you need to think in two dimensions there =)

an 8"x10" painting is 80 square inches. a 36"x48" painting is 1,728 square inches! think about it spatially - you can certainly fit more than four 8"x10" paintings on top of a 3 foot by 4 foot painting, lol. a 14 foot by 18 foot painting would be 36,288 square inches which is 453.6 times as big as an 8"x10"! a lot of people make that mistake though - they don't think in both directions.

so, by my pricing structure i am charging $2.50 a square inch for an 8"x10" painting, and only 66 cents or so a square inch for a 36"x48" which is quite a deal.

i'm sure that any of my customers who understand math would understand how multiplication works, or they could use a calculator =)
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From: ariaelf
2002-11-08 05:11 am (UTC)


Haha! Hopefully your customers are better at math then me! lol.

Whee...*bounces off*
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