Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

website blahs

ok -

so, i've spent about 10 hours over the past couple of days writing code and editing assorted images to update my website. i'm adding about 20 new prints (wow). BUT today, my webhosting is flickering on and off. it will be up for one second, and then down for an hour. not only that, my cable connection (for TV and for my cable modem internet connection) has been going on and off as well. i've seen two Time Warner Cable maintenance trucks around, so i assume they are working on that. it's been working for the past hour now, finally. but, my pages are ready, but i can't upload them still! it's pissing me off.

i've also created a new pricelist for my custom painting commissions. i've had to. i'm booked through christmas with more commissions than i need. i would prefer to do half as many, for twice the cost. i've pretty much doubled my prices, which will turn many people away. hopefully, lol. i prefer doing originals that aren't bound by restrictions. if my business drops too sharply, i'll just adjust my prices until i reach a happy medium i guess. my new list is as follows:








not outrageous, not even high by a lot of artists' standards, but more realistic for me. i was charging only $100 for an 8"x10", and lately my regular original 8"x10" have been selling for more than that (and they are whatever i feel like painting!) so i think it's only fair. $1200 may sound like a lot, but considering it's almost 22 times the size of an 8"x10", it's actually a great deal. besides, they take a LONG time to paint and take up a LOT of space.

i've finished some commissions and i'm going to reward myself by painting some more original paintings (i only have four on eBay now, ugh). lol, i'm going to reward myself for painting with more painting. a customer of mine who buys a lot of my work emailed me some gorgeous photos of a beautiful green forest that she visited, and they've inspired me to paint some lush green settings. i've been looking at my work and i think i really need to spend more time on the backgrounds in my paintings. my old art professor would yell at me for using the word "background" (he insisted that no element of a painting was more or less important than the other parts, and took offense to the terms "foreground" or "background" which would indicate unequal importance). perhaps if my backgrounds were more interesting i would stop referring to them as such.
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