Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

halloween festivities: a retrospective.

hi everyone - sorry, i've been busy and haven't updated for a couple of days.

let me see - what have i been up to...

well, first of all on thursday i went to Daddy's house for halloween. me and matt were there, daddy & robin, amber & chris, and kachina & james were there too. my step-sister sonya and some of her friends also made a brief appearance. we had a ton of wonderful food. there were like six types of chips & dip (awesome guacamole), stuffed mushrooms made to look like eyeballs, mediterranean salad, tons of fresh veggies, a skull-shaped chocolate cake, copious amounts of candy, nachos, little cracker sandwiches, artichoke, a box of wine, all sorts of good stuff. the piece d'resistance was a creamy grey opaque dessert made in a brain-shaped jello-mold. it had a dubious center filled with pineapples and a gummy octopus (?) which i got in my piece. it was good, actually.

i made my fairy costume that day (i should have planned ahead, but it turned out pretty good). i had blue feathered fairy wings, little blue sparkly mini-ponyfalls, my usual stripey tights (it was helpful that i dress like a fairy on non-halloween days), a sparkly sheer black long-sleeved shirt (again, part of my regular rotation), and a cool skirt i made out of a 11" long black circle mini-skirt that i pinned a silk ivy garland onto. and glitter, lots of glitter. my sister kachina also came as a fairy - she had a purple theme (as opposed the the blue & black i had) so we weren't twinsies. she looked really cute though - you can see pics below. matt had some "bone goggles" that he wore part of the time, along with assorted death/biker regalia that he took off as the evening progressed (kinda like a g-rated striptease that took 5 hours and never got anywhere, lol). he had an albert einstein shirt where he sprayed einstein's hair the same colour of red that he dyed his own and put on a bunch of white makeup. james was a vampire - similar makeup there. chris had an awesome skeletal weird mask and had neat bone gloves. my dad reprised his usual black grim reaper's robe, but this time he had a cool cage-like mask. robin (who had to work late) was also a vampire, but more of a vampy-cutesy one than james. amber had the best costume (i think). she was a gargoyle, with an awesome hand painted movable multipart mask. all of her skin that was showing was a stony grey, and it was a cool effect. she sprayed her long (normally auburn) hair a greyish white colour, and i wouldn't have recognized her! anyway - here are the pics!:

daddy only got ONE group of trick or treaters the entire evening. we had left a huge bowl of candy outside our door before we left for the party, and it appeared untouched when we came home. it was the good stuff, too! little Almond Joys, and individually wrapped full-sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! i was disappointed, but then matt and i got to eat it all, so it worked out. where were all the kids? oh well.

we played Animal Crossing late after the party, and the animals were more than anxious to trick or treat. it was bad-ass!
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