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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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drawing... [Aug. 11th, 2002|01:13 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
[mood |workingworking]
[music |"Ruiner" by Nine Inch Nails]

i'm taking a quick internet break from drawing while i enjoy Hansen's diet tangerine-lime soda (i buy Hansen's diet pop at Costco - they come in 30packs with black cherry, peach, tangerine-lime, and kiwi strawberry. it's nice to find good fruit flavoured diet pops that don't have nasty saccharin in them!). i'm currently drawing a cool picture of a girl surrounded by some skeletons. i should have it finished later today (i'll upload a pic). i'm not sure yet if this will stay a drawing or if i'll do some painting too... it remains to be seen. poor matt was sick all night, he kept throwing up until the wee hours. i don't know what's wrong with him, he didn't eat anything weird - all he had yesterday were some frozen waffles. he still went in to work this morning though! it's nice today - sunny and only 90 degrees (it has been 100+ for a long time, so it's a bit of a relief). i just checked the weather in disneyworld - it's 77 degrees with light rain. i hope sisters didn't get rained on too much while they were there! oh well - back to drawing...