Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

yay - i've actually started my xmas shopping. now i need to make a list for what i want for christmas. cool.

matt's not feeling well (he's all snarfly {ie, he has a cold}) and had someone cover for him at work, so he's here with me. we've been looking at fun stuff online. he has to go to a training class this evening, and after that we're going to kachina's house (i'm going to bring animal crossing along with me). we'll have our book club (me, matt, and kachina) meeting. we pick short books (usually out of the young adult's section) to read over the week. this week was "Stranger with My Face" by Lois Duncan. kachina and i have read it before, but i hadn't read it since i was little.

let me see - i've got two new paintings up on eBay - "Rapunzel at Night" and "Little Miss Muffet":

i have a couple of other new paintings i haven't scanned in yet, but i'll post them up soon.

i need to think about what i want for christmas so i can give lists to my family. we need to think of things that aren't too big, since we'll have to move it all cross-country soon. i'll spend some time on eBay sending out "eBay gift alerts" for things i like. my sisters have started doing that. it's a lot of fun to browse eBay for stuff i like, and it's fun to get the alerts from Amber and Kachina because i get to see all sorts of interesting things i might not always run across. matt needs to do a birthday list as well - his birthday is November 25th, so that's coming up soon. he's gonna be 29!!!!

matt and i went to taco bell late last night and i ate two seven-layer burritos. yum! i also made some pumpkin sugar cookies yesterday to be festive. i'm hungry now... usually i don't get hungry until late at night when matt gets home from work. i think i'm hungry now because matt is home, and i associate that with food.

it's yucky outside. all cold and damp. i haven't seen the sun for days now, and it's driving me insane! matt and i both get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). i've got a bottle of St. John's Wort. we should buy one of those lamps they use in Sweden that are supposed to simulate enough sunlight to keep you from getting winter blahs. i at least need to find the *&%@&!! humidifier - my throat gets scratchy from having the furnace on. matt made me some pineapple ginger tea with lime juice - that was yummy.
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