Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

attack of the five monkeys

i went to amber's black belt test last night! lots of people were there to see her - kachina, me, matt, daddy, robin, mom, grandpa, uncle ben, annie, daniel, and several other people from the schoool. the presentation part of it at least (her actual test lasts for a couple days of doing all sorts of endurance tests as well). she is such a bad-ass! i can't believe some of the things she can do. her fiance chris was the fellow she got to use to throw around and kick (she doesn't actually follow through with her punches, or at least she's not supposed to). that was pretty amusing. a particularly cool part of the test whas the section where she showed off a series of five self-defense attacks that she had developed herself. they had names like "pulling monkey" or "startled monkey" and together they were collectively known as the "attack of the five monkeys". how cool is that?! i'm so proud of her - she started karate right after matt and i were together, so it's been almost six years. little baby bird...

let me see - what else is going on...

oh yes! someone in australia (user id = kurikura) is ACTUALLY selling some gorgeous japanese "elegant gothic lolita" clothes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose, and Cornet on eBay! they even have one of the gorgeous "jumpers" that i like. they retail for $200-$300, so i think the minimum bid on it of $60 is reasonable for a second-hand one. it's a size medium, which is probably like a small (or maybe XS - asian women often run on the tiny side) in US sizes, so it should fit me. needless to say, i bid on it =)

that is just too cute.

i copied a bunch of the mp3s from matty's computer (my old computer) to my new computer (which is right next to his and is connected by a network). i have the windows media player for windows XP and it is awesome- it has lots of cool effects and stuff. i have my entire library of mp3s open and have the "random shuffle" option on the tracks, so it's like having a cool radio station that only plays stuff i like. so far since i've been on the computer i've heard "Colours" by Donovan, "The Thirteenth" by the Cure, "Nothing in this World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'bout that Girl" by the Kinks, "Lunch Box" by Marilyn Manson, "The Ballad of John & Yoko" by the Beatles, "The Wretched" by Nine Inch Nails, and "Mexican God" by Robyn Hitchcock - TWICE! now that is a nice assortment of songs. not the kind of thing you'd probably find together on the radio either. lol, now it's playing "Saint of Me" by the Rolling Stones. i love that song- it cracks me up. Mick Jagger is telling us "you'll never make a saint of me" - like he might be on the list for canonization by the church, but he's politely declining. i am going to try to do ALL of my christmas shopping on the internet this year. i'm starting today. it's easier for a recluse like myself, it's much better for finding unique or hard to find gifts, and it's often (like in the case of eBay) much cheaper. i HATE big crowds of morons when i'm shopping, and christmas seems to bring the worst out in everybody.

let me see... i've got one big (well, 14"x18") painting finished - it's called "Little Miss Muffet" and features, well, pretty much what you'd expect (but in my own style of course). i'm working on another of the same size called "Rapunzel" and features, well, Rapunzel. i'll post the pics later...

well, i'd better go take a shower now. i'm in a bad habit of crawling out of bed and getting on the computer without even getting ready for the day yet. since my computer is 8 inches from my pillow (i can't wait until i move and have a BEDROOM!), it's a big temptation.
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