Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

hehe - i plucked my eyebrows yesterday! i've never done that much before, i would usually just pull out the ones in the middle so they wouldn't grow together. i've always had very dark, bushy eyebrows, and i think they made me look like i was frowning even when i wasn't. people were always asking me "what's wrong" when i was just looking normal. so, i thought, for a change, i'd pluck them. i think i like them better now (matt says i look more like a "porcelain doll" this way). here are some before & after pics (they're taken about 8months apart, and i used to have green contacts back then, so ignore that!):

i'll try to get a better pic up later - i took this one myself so it is blurry.

i need to start christmas shopping - i don't want it to sneak up on me again. i'm going to do a lot of it on eBay, so NOBODY LOOK AT WHAT I'M BIDDING ON! i need to make a christmas list myself.

woo hoo! amber's taking her black belt test tomorrow - i'm gonna go watch.

i had been thinking on and off about getting Lasik surgery on my eyes. i've decided against it. while i know a couple of people who've done it, and it worked out great, i don't think it is worth the risk. my cousin eric got it done, but he had problems with contacts, so that is good for him. i, on the other hand, wear contacts well - it only takes me about 20 seconds to get them both in each morning, and maybe 10 seconds to get them out at night. not bad. i like changing colours on them too - especially the special effects ones like with cat's pupils and little stars. it's getting about time for me to reorder my lenses and i'm trying to decide. my regular eyes are blue, so any colour works over them. wildeyes brand has a new type of lenses called "x-colors" that are SOLID bright colours - here they are:

i think the grey ones are pretty cool - since i have fair skin and black hair i'd look like i was out of a B&W photograph. they're a lot more subtle than the special effects lenses i usually get, but they are cool. i've also been thinking about commissioning some hand painted golden lenses with hourglass shaped pupils like Raistlin Majere's - that would be bad-ass...
i had some green partial-scleral (covered part of the white of my eye) cat-pupiled eyes commissioned about 5 years ago by a theatrical supply company (it was before they started making special effects lenses available for the general public). i think they ran me about $350 then, i wonder if there's somewhere that would do custom pieces for cheaper... lol, maybe i could trade a painting for them!

any way - i'd better get to painting. i'm buried in commissions, and i need to get more stuff up on eBay!
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