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well - i wrote my letter of resignation for Rainforest today. i thought i might as well, since i haven't worked a shift for over a month, and even before that i'd only work maybe 14 hours a month there. since our application for residency at our apartments in Celebration was approved, i don't really need the documentation any more (since it seems people are finally accepting the fact that self-employed doesn't mean unemployed!). i was actually scheduled to work tonight, but matt found someone to cover me. it will be much easier for matt as well - since he wants to work all day on saturdays (so he won't have to take me to work in the afternoons). even though i didn't work very often, it still seems liberating to know that i'm on even less of a "schedule" than before. i think that my happiness seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of external (ie not family or friend related) obligations i have. i suppose that either makes me a free-spirit or lazy and irresponsible.

my mom is going to pick me up soon - it's my uncle ben's birthday party tonight. perhaps annie will be there - i haven't talked to her since she flew back here to the less refined side of the pond. i'm sure she has some stories...

any way - i did some paintings and i'll post them here later tonight. i'm using eBay's new "delayed listing" feature so the auctions should post in about an hour or so. i'm so glad they implemented that feature - i don't even mind paying the extra dime! now i no longer have to be around to post my auctions at the exact time i want them to end. again, just another timely obligation i don't have to schedule my life around =P

i'm wearing one of matt's shirts because i miss him =)
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