Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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I finished two pieces last night - "A Millipede Friend" (which turned out especially nice!) and another piece I haven't named yet - a very pale faerie with magenta coloured eyes and silvery hair. They'll both be on eBay tonight - I'll post the links ;)

We just had some spaghetti with Gardenburger brand vegetarian meatballs (DAMN they are good....).

I'm getting ready to paint now - probably some smaller original pieces. I might do some lighter coloured ones since I am almost OUT of black paint (the horror!!!) and I need it for a commission I'm working on, hehe (which I'll hopefully finish tonight or tomorrow). Probably no Hallowe'en ones for now, lol. We'll go to the art supply store sometime within the next couple of days for sure!

Ok - you may watch me paint here, and listen to my radio here!
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