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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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finally [Oct. 11th, 2002|09:26 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |some obnoxious dating show on tv - that's about to change...]

yes! my monthly statement finally came in the mail today. i gathered it up along with matt's paycheck stubs, my Quicken register, and two painstakingly filled out applications for residency, and shipped it all in a priority mail envelope to Celebration, FL. oh yes, i included two $50 checks (for the application fees for each of us) AND a $100 check to reserve our spot on the mailing list. whew!

i suppose it will all get there sometime next week, and then maybe take a day or two to approve, so i should have a response by this time next week!!! i've got my fingers crossed and cast a little spell or two (hey, it can't hurt), and we'll see how it goes. we asked for a march move-in date on the waiting list, but who knows when there will be an apartment available. at least we'll be approved =)

let me see - i worked on a custom portrait today, so i don't have any new pieces to share. i think i may paint some more tonight though, maybe.

the "Health Market" section of Hy-Vee had a 50% off almost everything sale today. i bought tons of stuff - organic cereal, boxes of granola bars, all only $1. organic spaghetti-os were .45 cents a can. yum. soy milk was .75 cents a carton - i should have bought more stuff really.

we're going to the renaissance festival on monday - yay! i'm tempted to spend buckets of money there, but i know i need to save it. i have a ton of paintings and prints to send - i can't believe how they pile up - i just sent 23 pieces on wednesday, and 17 pieces on monday (mostly all prints). i was planning on shipping next monday but it is Columbus Day.

i hope matty comes home soon - i miss him.

From: (Anonymous)
2002-10-12 06:20 pm (UTC)

Hey, what's up niece?

hey, what's up? i was just e-mailing a german relative of ours & one in california & thought, why not see what's new on Jasmine's "web stuff" (yes, i will learn proper internet jargon at some point. i'm not capitalizing anymore so i really am learning). i ran into your journal & though, what the heck is this? and i even get to reply to it, thus, here i am. just went today to the festival for the 5th time this session. me & ari may go tomorrow for a couple hours, but who really knows. write back some time. and thanks for the sale tips! love, aunt lisa.
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-10-15 09:40 am (UTC)

Re: Hey, what's up niece?

hey lisa!!!!

i'm always amazed at everyone who reads this, lol.

it's good to see everyone getting online - (you're right - losing the capitals is a good sign!). we had a good time at the festival yesterday (we only got to go twice this year). i bought a ton of handmade incense since i knew we'd have to turn the furnace on this week and really wanted to mask that "just-turned-on-the-furnace-and-it's-burning-all-the-dust" furnacey smell. since this is just a studio apartment (400 sq. ft.) it heats up really quick in here, so our heating bills are never that high.

let me see, what else is new... we just sent off our applications to the apartments we're moving to in celebration, florida. we're excited about that - we just visited them last month, and they were really nice (not to mention considerably larger than our current place). they're actually on disney property (the floorplans for the apartment on the prospectus they gave us have the little ©Disney symbol by them), and we can be in disney world in less than 5 minutes. celebration is a really painfully-cute town - we're going to live in the "downtown" area which really looks a lot like Main Street USA in disneyland. there are palm trees everywhere (as well as frogs and lizards). it will be a lot different for us to live in a small town (it only has 5,000 people) since we've both pretty much always lived in kansas city, but i think it will be kinda nice. besides, it's not far from Orlando and Kissimmee, so we won't be very isolated.

well - i'd better get back to painting - i'm already being bombarded with orders for Christmas portraits!

i update in my journal every couple of days - matt has one too - it's right HERE

talk to you later!
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