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yes! my monthly statement finally came in the mail today. i gathered it up along with matt's paycheck stubs, my Quicken register, and two painstakingly filled out applications for residency, and shipped it all in a priority mail envelope to Celebration, FL. oh yes, i included two $50 checks (for the application fees for each of us) AND a $100 check to reserve our spot on the mailing list. whew!

i suppose it will all get there sometime next week, and then maybe take a day or two to approve, so i should have a response by this time next week!!! i've got my fingers crossed and cast a little spell or two (hey, it can't hurt), and we'll see how it goes. we asked for a march move-in date on the waiting list, but who knows when there will be an apartment available. at least we'll be approved =)

let me see - i worked on a custom portrait today, so i don't have any new pieces to share. i think i may paint some more tonight though, maybe.

the "Health Market" section of Hy-Vee had a 50% off almost everything sale today. i bought tons of stuff - organic cereal, boxes of granola bars, all only $1. organic spaghetti-os were .45 cents a can. yum. soy milk was .75 cents a carton - i should have bought more stuff really.

we're going to the renaissance festival on monday - yay! i'm tempted to spend buckets of money there, but i know i need to save it. i have a ton of paintings and prints to send - i can't believe how they pile up - i just sent 23 pieces on wednesday, and 17 pieces on monday (mostly all prints). i was planning on shipping next monday but it is Columbus Day.

i hope matty comes home soon - i miss him.
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