Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Boring day....

I've been working on my website all day. I'm transferring my www.strangeling.com hosting from Ampira to Homestead (where my www.jasminebecketgriffith.com site is currently hosted). Homestead is so much more stable - Ampira has been cutting in and out for the past few months and it's finally pissed me off enough to change hosting. It will be much easier having both domains in the same place! I basically had my whole site at www.jasminebecketgriffith.com other than the entry page and a bunch of image hosting. I've been spending all morning copying a lot of the images to my www.jasminebecketgriffith.com site so there won't be as many problems while www.strangeling.com is down for a week or however long it takes to transfer hosting. Once it's all moved, everything should go smoothly! That way I can focus on optimizing my meta tags on my www.strangeling.com website and moving some actual content there (rather than being just an entry page, lol). I'd like everything to be up and running perfectly before my books and stuff start coming out, and I'm increasing my bandwidth too!

I just posted six new pieces to my Epilogue gallery, and I'm waiting to see if they were accepted. I always get nervous, even though I've never had anything rejected (other than those two without backgrounds back when I signed up). A lot of people have had things rejected recently though, so I'm crossing my fingers ;)
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