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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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the jasmine chronicles... [Aug. 10th, 2002|01:22 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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hey everyone - want Margaret Weis to finally write the third installment of the Raistlin Chronicles? sign the petition at Raistland (the wonderful sycophantic Raistlin Majere website we all adore)!
Click here to sign

i'm currently drinking diet Mountain Dew Code Red. it's lovely stuff - i'm so happy they came out with in in diet! now my life would only be complete if they came out with diet Vanilla Coke! i also had a potato with some broccoli, carrots and brussel sprouts for lunch, and a new *Banana* SlimFast for breakfast. people sometimes glare at me when i buy SlimFasts (or tell me "honey, you don't need to be on a diet!"), but they are a very good source of nutrition and yumminess for people like me who rarely bother for breakfast.

i have to go show my face at the Rainforest Cafe tonight (my once a week night waiting tables to show on paper that i am gainfully employed). i always feel silly going to work - i generally make more money by staying at home and painting pictures. but, to some credit bureaus/mortgage lenders/apartment leasers it seems that "self-employed" means the same as "unemployed"! next year i'm going to talk to a tax accountant to see what i have to do to convince everyone that being a self-representing artist is actually a valid form of employment. but in the meantime, one evening of work every couple of weeks isn't too bad. besides, i'll get to transfer to the Rainforest Cafe in Florida (it's difficult to get an apartment in a new city without officially having a job). Matt will be working tonight with me as well, and perhaps even Annie!
Today i'm working on another custom painting (and got another request for a commission this morning, whew!). It's actually a second rendition of one of my previous paintings that had already sold. It won't be an exact copy (i'm not THAT good!), but it will be very similar. A lot of artists throughout history have done the same thing. Leonardo da Vinci did it a couple of times - "Madonna of the Rocks" (see below) and even the "Mona Lisa". The second Mona Lisa was even painted nude - but was destroyed in a fire (it belonged to the French Royal family). Well, i'd better get into my "Safari Guide" uniform - later!

[User Picture]From: novemberhour
2002-08-10 02:44 pm (UTC)

ah! unfortunately...

i will NOT be seeing you at work tonight... because i was mysteriously unscheduled for saturday. that's okay. it gave me time to figure out what MIGHT be wrong with my car, and see some friends i hadn't seen in a bit, and spend time with sally. and of course any opportunity NOT to get into a safari guide uniform is a GOOD opportunity. i was most unregretful about not having to double on saturday, except of course that i wouldn't get to see you, and also that matt DOES have to double today. tch tch tch.
ooh eric just started playing some old bowie. nice nice nice. 'strange games they would play then, no death for the perfect man.'
i've just gotten to the part in mists of avalon where uther's been made king of britain and igraine had her vision and accepted her fate. i'm starting to enjoy the twists- i can see the places where she's weaving the different legends and mythologies together, but it comes out new. fun fun.
talk to you later!
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From: (Anonymous)
2002-08-10 06:29 pm (UTC)

Hey this is Elizabeth A btw =)

I completely understand how you feel with the crazy credit ppl/mortgage companies/appartment manager stuff not accepting self-employed! Its rather rediculous that you have to work one afternoon every couple of weeks so you can claim you have a steady job to these people =P I do know a couple of things that can help though. I'm not sure how long you've been solely living off your art, but if it's two years or more, take your tax returns and use it as proof of your self employed income. Legaly they can't discriminate against you with that backing of evidence. And as far as credit ppl, take out some secured loans that you dont need (like put $500 in a savings account, then borrow $500 backed by your savings) and pay them back over 6 months or so time, with exactly what you borrowed. You may have to pay at most $10 in intrest, but after you do this a couple of times you will have a much improved credit rating!!! Great to know for all creative and self employed individuals who don't *use* credit and live by cash and then find themselves in trouble and unable to get a house because they *arent* in debt like everyone else. (Which i think is total crap, but anyway =)) Wow, I want to just sit at home an do art for a living and sell it at galleries and ebay. Strangeling, I would love your problems! =) Happily though, I got accepted at a gallery today, so its a start. Next I'll probobly join EBSQ or whatever their name is on ebay and open up shop =) We'll see where the road takes me! Now, I've got to run to do my manditory daily pages in a book I'm writing. I tell myself if I do them now, I can mudd online and have fun until late tonight =)

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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-08-10 10:01 pm (UTC)

Re: Hey this is Elizabeth A btw =)

thanks for the info!

i've been really good at keeping records this year (last year i was kinda starting out still, so i didn't keep very good track of my sales). i've kept all of my receipts (everything from my shipping costs to my image editing software and art supplies) and records of all of my sales on eBay. it's tedious work, but i'm trying to be professional about it all. i put most of my earnings into money market accounts, and my credit is pretty sharp now. i'll keep all of my tax returns from now on (we'd like to buy a house after a few years). it's funny - neither matt nor i have a regular 9to5 job (he's a budding real estate agent and waiter as well). it's nice though, i don't like keeping regular hours!
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