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art and non-art stuff

let me see....

well, i was accepted into ebsq+ just in time for them to reinstate their "starting bid at $100.00" requirement. i guess i will list most of my pieces using just "ebsq" in the title (so i can still start them at a penny) and just do an occasional larger piece for ebsq+. my artwork is on the ebsq home page this month! see it at http://www.ebsqart.com

also i have my nifty profile up there now too: Jasmine's EBSQ+ Profile

i had four paintings end today on eBay - and all four people paid within 15 minutes of the auctions' ends! how cool is that! no waiting around for them - just cash in hand. they all ended at $40+ (with the Alice in Wonderland piece ending at $135.83). not bad - hopefully prices are on the upswing again.

i listed three new pieces today- "Island Butterfly Fairy," "Insect Friend," and "Le Petit Bouquet". here they are:

my (*#@&*(%&*#@%)#(& bank statement hasn't arrived yet - i've got everything all ready to send to the Celebration Apartments, all except for my bank statment! in the meantime, i had lost the application form somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my computer, so i emailed Linda at Zom realty (the folks who manage the apartments, and the lady who showed us around while we were there) and she cheerfully sent me another. she said that if there was any problem with the approval we could use a guarantor (ie my dad). so either way we are set! now, let's see what else can go wrong...

i downloaded aol 8.0 - it seems cool. of course, the only time i ever actually use aol is for email (their browser is finicky), but oh well.
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