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an eventful day, well, for me at least

let me see...

amber picked me up and took me to mom's house where she, kachina, mom, and i had a lovely brunch and perused her highly entertaining photos of Europe. after that we went and walked in the woods on a trail. we then went to the mall and visited with the rescued cats at the "Pet Connection" (that's where kachina's Smokie is from). it is a wonderful place - they have many, many cats available - they all have been rescued from alleyways, dumpsters, etc. (they have their poor little stories written on their cages) and are rotated at the Pet Connection store until they are adopted. Smokie had been there for 6 months until kachina adopted her! i made sure to talk to each of the kitties there.

we then went to Function Junction and my mom bought one of those big pillowy "butterfly" (i think that's what they're called) chairs. it was exceedingly comfy. i can't wait to buy nice furniture when we move.

i came back home and finished a commissioned portrait. i had actually finished it last night, but after i had scanned it in i realized i never finished one of the peoples' hands (it was just barely sketched in)! i felt dumb, but at least i noticed before i emailed my customer the scan! also, i had used a gorgeous semi-gloss midnight blue for the starry sky in the background, and the scanner totally reflected the background each time i scanned it (making weird white dots all over everything). bleah.

i don't know exactly what's going on, but i've gotten record numbers of hits on my website lately - hey, i can't complain.

i wish my bank statement would hurry up and come - i really want to send my apartment application in so it can get approved and i can stop worrying about it.

yay! matty should be home soon.

does anyone else think that "Daria" (from the cartoon tv show) bears remarkable similarity both in attitude and appearance to "Garfield" (the cartoon cat)?

i want to see "Red Dragon" at the movies sometime soon. i really liked the book (the best of the three Hannibal-related novels). i hope they kept the part where he eats the painting in the movie - that was the best part of the book.

LOL, it was cold in here and i was thinking about how i was going to have to turn the heat on for the first time this winter. (it's a bit chilly out today). so, i got up to turn up the thermostat, and i noticed the air-conditioning is on. i wonder how long it's been on...

ok, i'm going to go paint something now (or at least think up something to paint tomorrow!).

oh yes - wednesday is kachina & james' anniversary and they are going to drive out and go see PAUL (McCartney of course) in St. Louis! i'm glad at least ONE of the three of us is going to get to se at least ONE Beatle!
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