Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

alice in wonderland

i finished a new painting today. it's called "Alice and the Birds" - it's inspired by Alice in Wonderland which is one of my favourites. it is an illustration of the part where Alice has just escaped the ocean of her own tears and is listening to the mouse tell tales while she and the birds and crabs dry off. i just stuck it up on eBay.

it's my first listing as an ebsq+ member - i wonder if that will make a difference.

i had two auctions end crappy today - they were two that i had SOMEHOW unknowingly listed as "private" auctions (usually reserved for "adult"{wink wink nudge nudge} items!). they had bids before i noticed, and i didn't want to cancel them. from the sheer number of emails i received asking "what's a private auction?" "regular people can't bid on a private auction, right?" "i'd bid, but i don't want "private" on my feedback" and a million other problems, i guess my oversight must have scared off bidders. if i ever make the same mistake i'll cancel and re-list right away!

stayed late at kachina's house (till about 4am) having fun laughing at the asinine garbage that is late-late-late night brodcast TV. slept till 10:15. i'm not feeling good - i've got my &%*$^& time of the month (even though it now visits me at least twice a month) which is more often than not now a days. i'm hungry too - i had the rest of the box of meatless-chicken taquitos (there were only two left) and i would like more of them.

i'm going to go read or something now.
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