Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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Busy day!

I've finished two paintings today - I'll post them tomorrow and put them up on eBay then too =) I'm too beat to scan them in tonight.

Attn: eBay sellers - I've got a dilemma!! I shipped a painting out a week or two ago, and the winner left some positive feeback a few days ago, said she loved the painting, etc. I assumed it arrived safely. But then, day before yesterday, the exact same painting was returned to me by the postman, apparently unopened and stamped "undeliverable address" or something like that. I've tried emailing the bidder, trying to figure out what on earth is going on, but there has been no response - how weird is that? Any suggestions?

I'm off to answer some mounds of email! Hopefully I'll get through the older ones tonight. So - if anybody gets some week-late LJ responses to their posts, don't be surprised!!!
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