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bleah, not feeling that great today. i've been all headachey and sad. i should get my bank statement next week so i'll be able to send in our apartment application soon. i'm very anxious, and afraid that something will go wrong and they won't approve it. i'm sure my worries are groundless, but they still make my stomach hurt. i keep reassuring myself that even if they decline our application i can still have my dad co-sign with us and we'd still get the apartment. besides, we've never had problems getting apartments before and i have great credit. it's just that i have my heart set on a specific one and it seems too perfect. bleah. in a few weeks i'll know for sure (maybe they'll even know when we can move) and i'll be fine. in the meantime though... i should just fix myself a cocktail so i can relax ;)

i've got a new "vampire nymph" (#3)painting done (and another in the works). i'll put #2 & #3 up on eBay shortly, after my other five auctions end tonight. here's #3:

oh - more art news. one of my regular buyers on eBay is a fellow in the UK who owns an art gallery. at first i was apprehensive that someone was purchasing my art for resale, but it is really a good situation. he owns "The Dragons Gallery" and it is in Bristol, England and deals in fantasy art. he wins my auctions and then sells the paintings at about a 30% markup online and in the gallery. the way i figure it, galleries generally take 40-60% off of the top, so i'm actually getting the better deal here. and a lot of exposure as well. he's even going to link to my site from his - so that's pretty cool. you can see his site (there are some nice prints and art books from other artists there as well) here: http://www.thedragonsgallery.co.uk

it's funny - i have had tons of bidders in the UK. the publishing company that is featuring me in their book next year is also out of the UK, and now i'm in a gallery there - it makes me happy to know i'm appreciated in England (i've always had a fascination with all things British).

matt just got off the phone with his sister Sarah. we're going to go to their place for dinner next monday. she's going to cook us dinner (mexican food, since her husband is from mexico). matt made sure to tell her to call us in case she had any question on which items were "vegetarian-safe" (ie no lard, chicken fat, etc. - the stuff they sneak into seemingly meat-free food). i wish that the FDA would have food companies put a little "veggie-safe" stamp on ingredient lists for packaged foods (like how they now make companies put the nutritional information on stuff, or how many products have the "kosher" stamp). they could have one stamp for vegetarian-safe and another for vegan-safe. it would save everyone a lot of trouble (and me a lot of time at the grocerie reading tedious ingredient lists). that way people like my grandma wouldn't have to worry about whether or not the salad dressing has anchovy paste, or if the cookies have beef tallow in them when she's preparing dinner for us. that would be awesome.

anyway - i need to get my auction stuff done.
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