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fun day

well, yesterday matt and i went to kachina's house. we played games and went to Big Lots (the store where surplus/damaged goods go to die) and to Price Chopper (kachina bought groceries and i bought some of my coveted Canfield's diet chocolate soda). we watched "Ocean's Eleven" (the new one), which i hadn't seen before. i found it highly entertaining (i was wary at first, because i'm not too keen on julia roberts), and it made me want to rob casinos (not really, probably).

i did a new painting - i'm going to refer to it as "Vampire Nymph #2" (i feel a series coming on...). here she is:

i'll put her up on eBay tomorrow.

this morning we were going to go up to St. Joe to see grandma, but she is still on vacation with Lisa & Kevin & Ariel. she is almost always on vacation - i hope i am like that when i am older. hell, i hope i'm like that when i'm 25!

instead kachina, amber and i went out and had fun with daddy & robin. we went to Burr Oak Woods and walked the trail - saw all sorts of chipmunks and spiders. it was certainly the driest i have ever seen it there - the swamp was dried up and there were no frogs in sight. there was still a lot of moss on the boulders but they weren't teeming with life as they typically are this time of year. we went to the nature center there and learned about animals and plants. they had many stuffed animals on display. we then went to a new place called "Cabela's" which was an outdoorsy-supply store. they had tons of stuffed animals there too (like deer, elephants, rhinos - all sorts of things) set up in neat dioramas. they also had a big aquarium set up that you walk through showing local fish (huge adorable catfish, snapping turtles, etc.).
the store unfortunately had an overwhelming amount of "hunting & fishing supplies" (some people can't seem to enjoy the out of doors without killing things), but it did have a lot of cool camping stuff.

then we went to Chipotle Mexican Grill (you know, that place that makes giant burritos) and we all got veggie burritos and ate them at kachina's house before she had to go to work. now i'm home - and i'd better paint! matt's at work today, but he'll be home later tonight. the onscreen digital TV guide says that The Simpsons will be on at 6:00pm tonight (it doesn't specify which episode though...), but it appears to immediately follow a football game so i am concerned that the stupid game will run long and bump out The Simpsons. i'll get a tape ready anyway.
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