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meet Kaokame!

woohoo! matty (my beloved husband that is) is joining the livejournal circuit as i write. his username will be kaokame (it's his usual moniker for roleplaying games, etc.). hehe, i'll get to take some pictures of him to upload for icons. this'll be fun.

i didn't get any painting done today - i just hung out with matt all day, having fun and looking at stuff online (it's nice having our computers side-by-side). matt gave me $5 and we had fun seeing all the stuff i could buy with it at Big Lots. i ended up with three surprisingly nice pairs of panties, a box of pasta shells and some Zatarain's rice mix (it's funny - their "Pork & Rice" mix is completely vegetarian - you are supposed to add pork later, but i'll stick in some black beans instead - yum!). not bad for $5 total! but then again, you run across some pretty bizarre people at Big Lots! well, i'm off to cook us some rice & beans.
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