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sleeping late

i slept until after 12:00noon today. last night we went out with my mom (recently back from europe) with amber, kachina & james for pizza at Waldo Pizza (where i had never been). it was a wonderful place - they had an incredible selection! many toppings i haven't seen elsewhere - like roasted potatoes, almonds, and sauerkraut! we got two Chicago-style pizzas (thick round pizzas with chunky tomato sauce and mozzarella). one had roma tomatoes, basil, and black olives. the other one had ricotta cheese, spinach, and artichoke hearts. they were awesome, and so was the salad bar. it wasn't big, but it had everything i would want on it - baby spinach, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, red onions, black greek olives, pepperoncini peppers, and great garlic-ranch dressing. i went through the salad bar twice and had 2 and a half slices of pizza.

my mom gave me some souvenirs from europe- a book of postcards from the Louvre, a cute Austrian potholder, lots of German candies, cool deutschland totebag from Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" house, all sorts of stuff. i was overjoyed that she brought back some of my FAVOURITE candies - i was going to ask her to buy me some before she left but i couldn't remember what they were called so i didn't trouble her with it. i couldn't believe she just happened to buy some for me! the are little balls of pistachio marzipan dipped in hazelnut cream, then walnut cream and finally dipped in bitter-sweet chocolate. they come in foil wrappers with pictures of Mozart on them. they are called Mozartkugeln (which translates to "Mozart Balls"). (wmom said they had them in Salzburg (where Mozart was from) which is why he's on them. i had eaten them when i was in germany before, and i always get them in the Germany pavillion at Epcot too. i ate 3 of them last night!

we went groceries shopping yesterday. we first went to Wild Oats and i bought some more vegetarian chicken-style taquitos (bought some for chichi too). i also bought some roasted herb vegetarian chicken breasts that i had never seen before that were made by Morningstar's "Natural Touch" (their organic products line). we'll try them for lunch. we bought some vegetarian deli slices - "country ham" and "three peppercorn pastrami". we then went to Costco where i bought a huge box of gourmet (portabello, spinach & feta) Garden burgers, kaiser rolls and hot dog buns, diet cola, and a huge package of deli-sliced co-jack cheese.

i have "remastered" some of my older scans i had taken from paintings long since sold, and have made some lovely prints from them. i have four never-before-offered prints now - "Pandora's Box", "Elka", "Dragon Fairy" and "Rainbow Falls" i also made prints of "The Alchemist's Plague" which turned out gorgeous. here are the new ones:

some of you may recognize the fairy in "Rainbow Falls" (above) as being kinda modeled after my sister Kachina (aka chi or chichi or chichi-friend).

oh! another thing - the folks from Faerie's World, (click HERE to see their 70+ fairy-related websites) who are putting together the fairy art book i'm going to be published in next year have 12 of my pieces available as their free virtual postcards! you can send my artwork as an internet card (or choose from a handful of other talented fairy-artists) at www.fairypostcards.com - cool! Click HERE to see the cards! they even have an option (for UK residents only) to send a mailorder cake from Jane Asher's bakery (the faerie's world folks host her site as well)! i'm guessing that a lot of people reading this journal probably know who Jane Asher is - i'm tickled to be tangentially associated with her!

any way - i'm going to go make lunch. i'll be putting up my new prints on eBay tonight - along with a really cool painting of a naga woman (with the weird mushrooms). i'll post a pic of that here after i scan it as well.
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