Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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fun times

matt and i went to work last night intending to work the saturday evening shift, but when we got there they had enough people working and we opted to leave. instead, we picked up kachina and went to the Plaza Art Fair. somehow i had never been there in the past 23 years - it was enormous event. thousands and thousands of people - the whole Plaza was blocked off for pedestrians. there were tons of artists there - the vast majority were imported from throughout the country, only a couple were actually local artists. there were several very good, interesting artists (particularly ceramics) and a ton of mediocre artists. nothing too "out there" really, mostly landscapes and still lifes and abstract pieces. we had a lot of fun - we saw dozens of strange doggies that people brought on leashes. we then went to Barnes & Noble and Kachina found a book that she had previously thought was out of print and had been pining for since the library lost it. she was very happy to have her own copy now. we then went to her house and had some Taco Bell (7layer burritos for me) and played "Tri-Bond". after James came home from work we played Tri-Bond some more, and then we played SongBurst. after that we listed to a bunch of records on their bad-ass sound system. Kachina's got a ton of vinyl records - we sorted through them all and listed to songs as we came across them. it was freaky when we first started - matt wanted to hear Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth", but we didn't have the turntable hooked up to the speakers yet (it was set on the DVD player). we were pushing buttons on the stereo trying to get it switched over, and for about 10 seconds we heard a few bars of the song. matt said "wow! i haven't even put the needle on the record yet!" and then kachina said "i've still got the record in my hand - the one in the record player is a Billy Joel album!" it was very bizarre. "For What It's Worth" must have been on a radio station that bled through or something, because we all had heard it clear as day, and kachina did indeed have the record still in her hand.

we listed to some Queen, David Bowie, Meat Loaf, Traffic, the Kinks, etc. we then realized it was after 4:00am so we came home shortly after that. i don't think i fell asleep 'till maybe 7:30am, so i slept until after 11am this morning. i was still groggy, but i needed to get up to paint. i'm working on this weird surreal piece with strange lighting and large fleshy alien mushrooms - i'm not sure exactly what it will look like when i'm done. sometimes i like to just start painting with no plan, and see what happens - almost like automatic-writing. some of my best work is done that way.
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