Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New paintings and stuff....

Whew - I've been so incredibly busy!

In the meantime, I've listed two brand new paintings on eBay:

"A Blue Faerie"


"A Smirking Faerie" (she's that green one I was painting late last night!)

Let me see.... Sea World was awesome! I had no idea how interactive it was - you can just walk right up and pet the dolphins and sting rays, or feed the sea lions! We had a blast =) We didn't do any rides (since "expectant mother" Kachina was with us, hehe), but we saw tons of great shows! We saw lots of animals - (including the first time I've ever seen a walrus in person!) all types of dolphins, fish, sharks, seals, sea lions, polar bears, rays, orcas, false orcas, etc. We had lunch at a cute restaurant (fettucine alfredo with grilled vegetables!), and watched Shamu and his friends - lots of fun =)

We have to get up early to take Kachina to the airport tomorrow =( We're sad to see her go - it's been such fun having her down here! We'll stay with her when we visit KC for the Fourth of July though, so we'll see her very soon (and she might even ride back to Florida with us again then too!), so we'll try not to miss her too much! Then later tomorrow, Matt's going to work pretty much the next several days in a row (to make up for all the time we've been goofing off) and I'll buckle down and get a bunch of painting done myself =)
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