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relisting day

bleah, i just re-listed five auctions.

they had all been won by one bidder (between one to two months ago). he's been a regular of mine for almost two years and owns tons of my paintings. about 35 days ago he told me that he would send paypal that evening, that he had been having computer problems, etc., and that was the last i heard from him. now his email address is defunct, so i've assumed that he is no longer interested in (or unable to pay for or forgotten about) the five auctions (totalling $250+) so i re-listed them all. i made them all 10-day auctions so they won't end on a friday (i've had bad luck with auctions ending on fridays). it's too late to get my eBay fees back, which sucks, but i thought i'd cut my losses. who knows, maybe they'll go for more money this time =P

the five i re-listed were: "Tattooed Fairy #1" (the one that started them all...), "Biding My Time", "Green Twilight", "Dragon Lake", and "Dragon Rider." it's funny - even though i painted them only a couple of months ago they seem old to me...

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