Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm still scanning in this past weeks work, lol. With these larger pieces that require multiple scans that need to be stitched together, it takes quite a while!

I worked some more on "Arcane Ritual" #4 this morning. It didn't quite look finished to me, so I added some lovely magical jewels - just the right touch =) I love painting glowing jewels - I'm going to try to incorporate them more into my work.

Tonight I will be listing the following on eBay: "Mini Faerie #1" (3"x4" miniature), "Mini Faerie #2" (3"x4" miniature), "Collecting Herbs at Twilight" (14"x18" acrylic), "Arcane Ritual Faerie #4" (12"x16" acrylic), "Blue and Green Faerie" (8"x10" Watercolour!), and "Alice and the White Rabbit" (14"x18" acrylic). I will post them here when the auctions go up (or those of you on my mailing list or who have my seller's list favourited will also get a chance to get first dibs!). All will start at one penny with no reserve (except for Alice which will be an EBSQ+ listing, so it starts at $100 with a Buy-It-Now for $500) and will run as 10-day auctions, ending when I get back. Any Buy-It-Nows will most likely be shipped before I leave if paid by Paypal. I think I will set the "Buy-It-Now" at just $35 for the "mini" paintings since they are so small!

This morning Matt and I went to the Celebration Farmer's Market again and got our veggie dogs - it was fun =)
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