Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back =)

We had a wonderful time at foxmagic's house! We even got to meet cornrelish who is a very cool person as well =)

We played tons of awesome video games - old arcade games, newer games, all sorts. Brian introduced us to "Kingdom Hearts" which is absolutely awesome. He even let Matt start & save a game, so we can see more of it later. Disney & Squaresoft together in one gorgeous game - what could be better than that? We brought over "Dragon Half" (a funny anime) and watched it - lol. We also had a lot of fun watching snippets of things recorded on his Tivo (I am so getting one of those...). We just got home a little while ago =) I think my face hurts from smiling too much!

Tomorrow I'll mostly be scanning in new artwork and getting my eBay auctions ready to go up in the evening! In the morning I will get to my email and catch up on everyone's journals - I briefly looked in my emailbox and found about a hundred "reply to your comment" messages so don't worry - I'll get back to everyone soon!

Oh yes- when we came home, I saw that the bad kitties knocked over my webcam - so if it looked blurry and carpet-y for awhile that's why =)
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