Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Work day =) - New Alice!

I'm getting ready to ship things off at the Post Office - I've been making prints all day!

I stayed up until after three last night painting! I finished my watercolour (I like how she turned out!), and two miniature paintings. The miniature paintings are so tiny - I used my littlest brushes! They are 3"x4" and can go in little photo frames =) It was nice to recycle my canvas scraps! Since they are so little, I don't imagine they will go for as much as my usual pieces on eBay, so it might give more people a chance to win an original! All of the pieces I've been saving up will be listed on Sunday night (so they won't end while I'm in KC!).

Today I'll be working on a new Alice in Wonderland piece - "Alice and the White Rabbit"! After I get back from the Post Office I'll get everything set up and post my webcam link =)
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