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i'm dyeing my hair right now - my blonde roots are showing pretty bad. i always use Feria "Starry Night" for my hair - it's black with a blue sheen, i love it. i need to make myself touch it up with some regularity, like every 6 weeks or something. i let it slide too much and (while the blonde roots with black hair is kinda striking in its own way...)it can look sloppy. it's because i don't go places very much, and my kitties don't give a damn what my hair looks like i guess. i don't think matt cares either - he thinks my hair is cutest when it is all stringy and tangled!

i have 25 minutes until my hair cures. as usual, i got the dye all over my face, ears and neck. i used one of my Olay Daily Facials on it though, and it wiped right off. i did three paintings today, but i don't want to scan them right now at the risk of dripping dye on them! i really would like to put some streaks in my hair like i had last year, maybe green or white again, or maybe blue... we'll see.

yay! elizabeth (my LJ friend ariaelf) won one of my auctions today. that's cool, i know she'll give it a happy home. matt is drawing right now - he's new to it, but he is doing well. i hope he'll get really good at it and we can be just like Brian and Wendy Froud!

i'd like to get my new character sheets made for tomorrow - we're playing Dungeons & Dragons (like every wednesday night). i'm going to make some equipment sheets, and i desperately need a new character sheet - mine is so incredibly smudgey! as usual, my character is named strangeling. it has become a cliche - every character in every video game, computer game, role-playing game, etc. that i ever make is named strangeling. this latest campaign that matt, amber, chris and james and i have been playing is in the new 3rd edition of AD&D's "Oriental Adventures" which is like regular advanced dungeons & dragons but has an Asian-like setting and monsters & character classes, etc. we had to have our character names in the theme, so mine is named "Ling" and she is referred to as "Strange Ling". i know, it's a bad pun. she's now a 11th level Wu-Jen (pretty much like a wizard). it's the farthest i think i have had a strangeling progress to. last wednesday we ended the regular session a little earlier and had a no-holds barred free for all battle between ourselves (completely a hypothetical battle of course, none of the damage occurred in our regular campaign and was just a test to see how our characters compared to each other). I WON! i was the last one standing (albeit i only had one hit point left, so i guess that means that our characters must be pretty well matched!). strangeling is cool.

matt's gonna make us some Morningstar vegetarian hot dogs for dinner woo hoo! i love them. i never eat dinner before midnight any more....
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